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Shipping Options

During the checkout process, you'll be presented with a selection of shipping methods to choose from and these are provided based on your delivery address, so you will only see options that are available to you on that specific order.


International Shipping Options


Airmail - FREE (Only available on orders over €25.00)

Airmail the slowest and most basic international shipping option available. This option does not include tracking of any kind and is thus exclused from our reship policy. This shipping method may have more risk as it does not include tracking, but this also has the benefit of making it more discreet which can be very useful when shipping to destinations such as Australia, Finland, New Zealand and Norway due to slowness 

This service is always free, however you must spend over €25.00 to claim it. If your order is below €25.00, a paid shipping option must be selected.


Tracked Mail - €7.99

Tracked Mail is an international shipping option that includes a tracking number, but does not require a signature. This shipping option is not available to all destinations, and if it is not available on your order we will default the shipment to Tracked & Signed Mail which has much better availability.

This shipping method is FREE on orders over £99.00 and you can claim this free shipping by selecting "FREE SHIPPING" from the list of shipping options available.


Tracked & Signed Mail - €7.99

Tracked & Signed Mail is an internationa shipping option that includes a tracking number and requires a signature on delivery. This shipping option is availble to almost all destinations.


Express Courier

Express Courier is an express shipping method that offers the fastest and most secure shipping possible via DHL, UPS or TNT.

Delivery will take place in 1-2 business days for all EU destinations and this price for this service is €29.99.

Delivery will take place in 3-5 business days for all NON-EU destinations and the price for this service is €59.00.

Any order over €199.00 value will receive HALF PRICE Express Courier shipping and any order over €299.00 value will receive FREE Express Courier Shipping.


Please note, Express Courier is not available outside of the EU on any of our European Product range. Not sure if this includes you? Please contact us if you're in doubt.



Tracking Your Orders

If you have paid for a tracked shipping method, you can access the tracking number for all current and past orders by visiting the 'Order Status' page on your account. This page will have a list of all your orders and the details for a specific order, include the tracking number. If you have paid for a tracked shipping method and your order has been marked shipped and there is no tracking number listed, then please contact us.


Tracking numbers ending in 'ES' can be tracked at tthe following website:

Please note, these third-party websites are not owned, managed or endorsed by Official Benzo Fury and we cannot be held responsible for any content or service issues presented during there use.


Shipping Restrictions / Exlusions

We do not ship to the UK, USA & Russia

We do not ship products to any location where they are controlled.

The following countries are excluded from our reship policy; Australia, Israel, Mexico

If you request a special note on the delivery address for your package, such as leaving it in the porch or posting without a signature, then the order will not be covered by our delivery guarantee, as such a request makes it impossible for to verify delivery. This also includes shipping orders to a post office directly, or using "post restante".

If an invalid shipping option has been selected during checkout and no shipping fees have been paid, we will ship the order by the closest alternative. For example, if you select courier but don't pay the fees, we'll ship the order by Airmail OR Tracked & Signed Mail if you qualify for the free shipping for spending over £99.




We have a variety of payment options available to our customers during checkout such as...

Bank Transfer

You can easily make payment to our bank account using online or telephone banking.

Customers can make payments to our account easily using our BIC/SWIFT and IBAN. EU based customers have the benefit SEPA transfers and these payments typically arrive within 1-2 working days.


Cash Payment

Further information for this option to follow...


We have been big supporters of Bitcoin and have accepted these payment methods for many years. We were the first European RC to accept Bitcoins.

It may take some time to set up this payment method if you don't already have a wallet, but once this is done you'll find Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies a great payment method which is becoming more accepted around the world.

Find out more about Bitcoin and how it works here.

Find out more about which Bitcoin exchanges support your country and offer payment methods to suit you here.



Order Status

There are a handlful of different status's for your order and you can find out what each of them means and how it effects you below.

Awaiting Payment

Once you have placed an order on the site, the default status will show as awaiting payment. This means we have not yet received or confirmed your payment.

Awaiting Fullfilment

If you have requested that your order is shipped in multiple packages or to different addresses then your order status will show awaiting fullfilment. This means we have received the payment and are preparing to ship the first package, or that we have already begun shipping your order.

Awaiting Shipment

The payment has been received and we are preparing your order for shipping at the earliest possible time.


The order has been shipped and you can access the tracking details for your order if you have paid for a tracking shipping method by viewing this page.


The pending status if used when there is an issue with your order. This could mean the shipping option you selected is invalid or that there is a problem with the products you have added to your basket. You will have been contacted with more details about this issue so please check your messages on the site.


Your order has been declined because, either we do not ship to your location full stop, or an item you have selected is banned in your location. 


Any references to the UK inc a reference to pounds on this website should be ignored. This relates to when we had a UK agent, we no longer operate with a UK agent and no longer accept any orders whatseover for delivery to the UK, sorry UK researchers.