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BOGOF = 100% EXTRA FREE = 1/2 Price Chems = More Money For You

100% Extra Free Is Available On All Quantites Of KILOCAINE

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Kilocaine is a new and exciting branded research chemical, which has been getting great reviews since launch and came about due to our clients requesting such a compound for their research preferences. 

Kilocaine is currently only available to buy @ Official Benzo Fury and came about due to client feedback in relation to the main ingredient 4f-MPH.


Kilocaine is a proprietary blend consisting of 4F-MPH ,designed to make the handling of this product easier in the lab and more akin to other compounds that require a license to study.

Kilocaine consists of 4-MPH and high purity pharmaceutcial grade numbing agents, it does not consist of any other research chemicals, nor any other compound with stimulant properties such as caffeine etc, our clients are well aware that we would not launch a research chemical with the presence of such compounds. without being transparent.

Furthermore, as has always been the case at OBF, we will Never change the ingredients without first updating this page to reflect the change. 


Researchers of 4F-MPH know that the potency of this compound can make measuring the material difficult for research without a high accuracy scale. This does not necesarrily apply to Kilocaine although we stress adequate safety precuations should be taken at all times. 


Reagent Use Only

Sorry We Don't Ship To The UK, USA or any location where 4f-MPH is controlled.



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Product Reviews

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    Posted by Moostaff on 8th Sep 2016

    Hey guys definitly try some Kilo kaine,you might end up liking its soft and mellow flavor i have come to love!

  2. Very amazing product

    Posted by BOUHASSOUNE on 3rd Sep 2016

    English (français en dessous - French below= :
    My labs rat don’t feel the boost effect when they snort it. But they don’t feel this too with the original producut. But they can stay more than 36 hours without sleeping, and they don’t fell the angry. They can stay more than 7 days without eating anything. So this product is very good. I will buy another order soon.

    Français (french) :
    Mes rats de laboratoire n’ont pas ressenti d’effet boost. Mais ils ne le ressentent pas non plus avec le produit original. Mais il peuvent rester plus de 36 heures sans ressentir de fatigue. Il peuvent rester plus de 7 jours sans ressentir la faim. Donc ce produit est vraiment bien et je vais repasser une commande bientôt.

  3. Clean, nice, product

    Posted by Alain on 1st Sep 2016

    My lab rats found this to be a perfect stimulant: clean energy, no jitters and they could actually snort it! This batch had a bit of a red color. Superb product, for a more than superb price!

  4. Wish i had a KILO kaine

    Posted by Moose on 29th Aug 2016

    Well guys its me again,just raving over the HQ products again,just cant seem to get enough lab rats to keep it goin,gotter lower their dose or they seem like theyre not eating enough,funny thing is they dont care! Oh well.just ordered more from a phython dealer,he dont care either,one thing glad of not gonna have them as lab animals!or i might be their animals please take care and dont get bitten by lab rats! Love you Ben and the #1 team! Next shipment to follow soon!

  5. Its Kilo Time again!

    Posted by Moostaff on 22nd Aug 2016

    Wow,what can i say,I love it so much could barely wait a week or so to redo it all over again,and with these absolutely crazy deals that OBF has almost straight across the board,you just cant help yourself! Please lets not not forget Ben and his team for their super job they do over there,they must get a Kilo worth of credit for all this! Thanks guys love it!

  6. New command and never deceveid

    Posted by Alucarde on 14th Jul 2016

    I made again an order on OBF and i try something différent at every order to see the reaction to my rats. They look always good and Happy when i test on them; 1p-lsd, amt pellet and bk 2cb. For the stimulate 3-4 ctmp was okay but i thing but i think some of my rats became lazy. I made another command today to test something more strong to continue my research .They become fat they have to be more motivate for more running.

  7. Great product, great service

    Posted by Duarte on 16th Jun 2016

    Just received my product via courier as promised, and it is living up to it's research potential. Thanks to all the crew here at OBF. You're the best.Will be a repeat customer.

  8. Exactly what i missed

    Posted by Unknown on 26th May 2016

    Yes it is Real a very very good r.c
    Realy more easy to reasearch and its real very close to eph..
    Better than all other.
    Ofb till now best vendor best suport.
    Never problems..all arrived.
    Thx 4 the free stealth shipping ofb..
    Waiting money 1.
    30€ in btc too small to order..but easy..better to wait.and order here

  9. Best stim RC in UK

    Posted by Unknown on 21st May 2016

    Kilocaine is the best stim product currently available in the UK. Phenzacaine and Synthacaine are also very good but Kilocaine is the king.

    Even more impressive than Kilocaine is this website, its awesome, I simple didnt think any of the goods would be up to much but they're all awesome, this is a whole new world to me and this site has made by last 6 months magical.


  10. Nice

    Posted by Dezzy on 20th May 2016

    Just got some kilocaine into the lab to sample and the results are spot on perfect blend :)

    I would just like to thank Ben & the team for their great service always 10/10 in my book.

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