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Buy 6-APB as an alternative here


6-APDB aka 6-(2-Aminopropyl)-2,3-dihydrobenzofuran (6-APDB, 4-Desoxy-MDA, EMA-3) is a stimulant and entactogen research chemical of the phenethylamine and amphetamine classes.

6-APDB is an analogue of MDA where the heterocyclic 4-position oxygen from the 3,4-methylenedioxy ring has been replaced with a methylene bridge.

6-APDB, along with 5-APDB, was first synthesized by David E. Nichols in the early 1990s while investigating non-neurotoxic MDMA analogues

In animal studies, 6-APDB fully substitutes for MBDB.

MBDB is a closely related chemical analogue of MDMA, with the only difference between the two molecules being an ethyl group instead of a methyl group attached to the alpha carbon.MBDB was first synthesized by David E. Nichols and tested and written about by Alexander Shulgin


Please note, 6-APDB is not available for shipping by Express Courier to locations outside of the EU


Our clients can buy 6-APDB Powder & 6-APDB Pellets 

We do NOT ship this product to the USA, UK & any location where it is controlled.

Systematic (IUPAC) name

CAS number 152623-93-3 
ATC code None
PubChem CID 192599
ChemSpider 167141 Yes
Chemical data
Formula C11H15NO 
Mol. mass 177.24 g/mol

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Product Reviews

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  1. nice RC

    Posted by Calvin on 28th May 2015

    it is an absolutely recommended RC !
    All of my subject of experiment definitely loved it
    Especially the duration, that it can last quite long

  2. legal ecstacy

    Posted by Shay Ireland on 26th Mar 2015

    Cant buy legal highs in ireland or dont have a license for ecstacy no problem buy legal ecstacy here this stuff is amazing better than i thought possible

  3. Quality product

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Jan 2015

    Very nice experimentation. Rats were dosed low but had good results

  4. very nice

    Posted by xhp on 15th Oct 2014

    very nice RC very close to the old 6APB

  5. 6 APDB

    Posted by GKR on 18th Sep 2014

    Great Stuff!

    for me it's an improved version from 6 APB, much better in every way, provides more euphoria in lab tests, & less negative aspects

    have fun

  6. 6-APDB

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Feb 2014

    Good chem. Differs from 6-APB. At higher doses can be psychedelic almost on paar with AMT and 2C-B. Comedown is also very gentle.

  7. Top notch stuff

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Dec 2013

    experiments have proven it to be more euphoric than 6apb, fewer side effects as well. Best apb compound in my opinion

  8. Perfect service

    Posted by Sebastian Fauerby on 29th Oct 2013

    Good service, fast delivery and perfect quality of the product.!

  9. Mindblowing research results

    Posted by Sproxy on 21st Sep 2013

    I was with a group of researchers conducting a European research field trip and we can all attest that this product is the best we have had. It reminded us all of our early days in the industry.

  10. 6-APDB = excellent 6-apb replacement

    Posted by Map on 5th Sep 2013

    Looking for an alternative to 6-APB? Look no further than 6-APDB as a replacement, actually, its even better than 6-APB and 6-APB is unarguably wonderful but 6-APDB is imo unarguably better!

Showing reviews 1-10 of 12 | Next

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