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* Potent Chemical *

Available In Powder


Bulk Quantities NOW Available for a limited time

Are you looking to soon buy Wholesale 4f-MPH / BULK 4f-MPH ?

We are now taking pre orders for quantities ranging from 250g - 10kg 

Demand will outstrip supply therefore we must operate a first come first served policy

Bulk / Wholesale 3-FPM

Bulk / Wholesale 5f-ADB

Bulk / Wholesae 5c-AKB48

Also available

and more compounds on request




4F-MPH Is A New Research Chemical Available To Buy @ Official Benzo Fury

4F-MPH Is The 4'-Fluro Analogue Of Methylphenidate

4F-MPH Powder Is For Advanced Research Only Due To It's Potency

All Researchers Working With 4F-MPH Powder Must Have Access To High Quality 0.001g Scale

Feedback Shows This Product Is An Excellent Replacement For Ethylphenidate

This Product Will Be Available In Powder Form, And In Pellet Form As Soon As Possible

We Do Not Ship To The USA, UK or Russia

Reagent Use Only


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Product Reviews

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    Posted by TwistedSistersBrothersMothersUncle on 18th Apr 2016

    AWESOME STUFF!!!!! got it free with my order.... again!!! you guys are fuckin awesome!!! HAD 4 RATS RUNNING ROUND FOR HOURS... HAS IT'S OWN UNIQUE PERSONALITY... VERY CLEAN!

  2. I FOUND A NICE BLEND 50MG 3 FPM and 3mg of 4f-mph eureka moment

    Posted by TESH420 on 10th Apr 2016

    Next test same amount of 3 fpm and up the MPH 2MG.GOOD COMB FOR ALL YOU AMPHETAMINE RAT TEASERS PMSL GREAT PRODUCT THANK BE 4 support

  3. Fkn amazing place.

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Apr 2016

    believe me next week I'll order , if not before. Thanks for the free meclonazepam, and all the bags had more than the quoted number, Fkn amazing place. Ima b spending some money w u guys. I'm saving for an iPad Pro 9.7"
    (saving £100a week )to purchase on 28/4(I get paid about 10:45pm each weds) so once Aprils gone my money's urs lol but between then I'll still take more moonlight cos that's awesome, better than etivest Etizolam imho.

    Got 50 meclonazepam coming tomorrow

    love to all you guys , a special thanks to Jack @ support cos we had a chat earlier , nice guy.

    Take care be usin u v v soon


    Posted by Headshop Luke on 8th Apr 2016

    First time buyer here, not first time buyer of research chems, ive been buying them for years and why o why o why did i not find this site earlier :(

    Ive spent tens of thousands with other rc vendors and got more respect and far better treatment here than i ever did elsewhere and you know the best of it my order here was free, I only paid 1 pound something for postage man thats some offer and great customer service from the team here, not just great but genuine too as ive got proof having acted as a 1st time freebie hunting customer

    Well OBF now you are going to be rewarded for your GREATNESS and rewarding me as unknown to you i own a headshop and im going to place an order worth 5,400 right now and hopefully ill get the chance to place more orders of similar value ahead of this bloody daft ban

    Thanks for free 4fmph tester went down a treat with my chief chemist when tested very good and very strong he reported then told me to defo buy some bulk 4fmph and thats what ill do, i always respect the chemist

    THIS IS RC VENDOR HEAVEN - Inspiration taken from Phil's review below


  5. this is your vendor for potent pure chemicals in the uk

    Posted by Sean on 7th Apr 2016

    I was looking for potent pure chemicals in the uk and came across these guys and this beauty of an research chem, it aint half potent, amongst the best and strongest this lad has had.

  6. good value

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Apr 2016

    so happy you have the 4fmph powder for sale, better quality and value for money than buying 15mg pellets from other rc vendors

  7. best 4fmph

    Posted by iResearch on 27th Mar 2016

    i dont believe it now youve got different and far better 4f-mph compared with all the other rc vendors, first far better 3fpm now better 4f-mph, tell me your secret obf

  8. 4fmph

    Posted by UK Nanny State on 25th Mar 2016

    I only trust and buy from Obf, therefore I was glad 4fmph popped up on the store, admittedly sometime after it had been available elsewhere. I was tempted to risk an order elsewhere but I'm glad I done no such silly thing, made that mistake before, shall not be making it again! The 4fmph found here is of exceptional quality and highly active, without a shadow of doubt. The same can not be said for the 4fmph found on sale at other vendors, which received lots of negative reviews, ranging from saying the quality was poor to saying it was inactive, my friend found himself with material that was barely active. Don't even consider making the mistake of buying this research chem from OBF and thinking it may be weak, it is not weak, actually far, far from it!

    I suggest the OBF team highlight the points I have raised within their product description.

    Keep up the excellent work

  9. 4fmph review

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Mar 2016

    Exactly what we've been needing here in the UK, a decent UK legal stimulant, finally.

    3fpm is excellent, no one would argue otherwise but we needed some variety and we thankfully now have it in the form of 4fmph

    4fmph is an excellent compound sure to prove very popular in the UK scene

    Missing ethylphenidate ? Then miss it no more with 4fmph which is imo humble opinion better in every way

Previous | Showing reviews 11-19 of 19

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