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Summer time is fast approaching and for many of you that means 'Holiday Time'

OBF have been sending RC orders to hotels and other forms of accommodation for years without issue, orders both big and small, hotels grand and not so grand! We've ever delivered to cruise ships calling in at ports on their schedule. 

It is very common for guests throughout the world to have packages delivered to hotels, both ahead of their arrival and during their stay.

OBF, as always, guarantee to deliver all orders whether it's to a private residence, university chemistry department, hotel or company HQ. Simply put, if we accept your order, we guarantee to deliver for you, as always in OBF you can trust so please make use of this excellent service for your upcoming Research Chemical Conference trip or RC / Chemistry Enthusiasts Convention.

If you are planning a particularly large conference and require a large quantity of reference / sample material we may cover your expenses for flight and accommodation, please get in touch to discuss further :)

You have two options where a hotel is concerned.

1- Reserve the room and tell them you are awaiting a shipment which you wish the hotel to take delivery ahead of your arrival.
2- Check in and then inform the hotel you are awaiting a delivery, when the courier arrives they will call your room for you to sign and take delivery of your shipment.

Another option, is to book self catering accommodation via or similar or rent a private residence via Air B&B or similar

In the future, we hope to be able to offer this service to OBF's RC ISLAND!  But this will have to wait for now.... ;)

All such orders are strictly subject to our T&C's.

"Get your passport and your bikini
You need a holiday, come, see me
I know you're tired of the same old scenery
And I could change all that so easily"